Architecture & Ecriture: May 68 in Paris

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Architecture & Ecriture celebrates writing as a critical and creative practice. Production of new and performative pieces that interrogate and respond to the literary production of May 68.

Architecture & Ecriture looks back at articles, essays and other short form writings published in the period preceding the events of May 1968. The year running up to the event is incredibly prolific: Guy Debord publishes The Society of Spectacle, Michel Foucault talks Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias, Roland Barthes writes his essay “The Death of the Author” for the American Avant-Garde magazine Aspen, Helene Cixous submits her doctoral thesis on the exile of James Joyce, Luce Irigaray submits hers on the language of the demented, whilst Jacques Derrida publishes three major books: Speech and PhenomenaWriting and Difference and Of Grammatology. The period preludes to the formulation of a new vision, which some say has failed to materialize, yet has retained an undeniable aura and is still very much at the heart of current discussions around systems of commodification, theories of space, the identification of the subject and the role of media in the construction of the image.

Seminars and workshops: Caroline Rabourdin, Gabriel Rockhill, Claire Potter and Laurel Parker. 

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